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Why should I have my drains inspected?

When your drains become clogged, it can be a sign of larger problems within your plumbing system.  We typically recommend using our drain camera inspection service whenever you have had two service calls for the same clogged drain in less than 6 months.   The reason for the timeline is because the less time in between clogged drains the more likely it is that there is an underlying problem that is causing the clogged drains and the less likely it is that these clogs have been a coincidence.

How does it work?

Our drainage / sewer inspection cameras have 200 feet of cable with a high definition capable camera on the end of it. The camera plugs into a 15” high definition screen that allows us to watch what the camera sees as we push it through the inside of the pipes. Using this we can see exactly why you are having drainage issues. It could be a build up of grease in your pipes from your kitchen, back graded pipe, broken pipe, corroded pipe or even roots in your pipe! Whatever it might be, we will find it!

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What happens when we find it?

Our drain camera inspection have a remote transmitter located in the camera’s head.  This means that if we see an issue on the screen we can use our locator to find where the camera is from above ground.   For example,  if we saw that your sewer main was broken and had roots growing into it we could switch the camera into “locate mode”,  head out to the front yard with our location device, and locate exactly where the break in the pipe is.

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200 Foot Sewer Camera / Drainage Camera

This is our 200 foot sewer camera / drainage camera. We can record what we see inside the piping and send it to our customers and we can also locate where the camera is in the underground piping as well as how deep it is from above the ground using our location device which can detect the transmitter inside the inspection camera.

What happens next?

After drain camera inspection, now that we know what the problem is  and where it is located within your drainage piping we can provide you with accurate estimates for options to repair or completely replace the affected piping. It also gives you the confidence to make an educated decision because you have seen what is happening inside the piping with your own eyes. Give us a call today if you have any questions or would like to book a camera inspection!

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