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What is hydro jetting

Hydro Jetting is an alternative means of cleaning your drainage pipes when a classical cable style machine wont do. The hydro-jetter uses high pressure water delivered via ¼” up to a ½” hose through a nozzle that directs/angles the high pressure spray backwards which both cleans the pipe and pulls the hose through the pipe at the same time.

Typical scenarios where a hydro jetting would be necessary could be a pipe filled with grease or a pipe filled with dirt or even roots. The usual cable type machine would swim through the grease and the dirt having little to no effect and it would most likely tangle up if the roots were strong enough.

The pressure settings on our hydro-jetter can be set to a more gentle setting when it’s just grease build up that we are looking to scrape/wash off the inner walls of the pipe and then flush away. We can increase it slightly more when trying to get rid of dirt in a storm drain or we can increase the pressure by enough that we can actually cut the roots right out of the pipe with the high pressure stream.

The decision as to whether or not we would need to use Hydro jetting is typically one made after using our sewer and storm drain inspection camera. Dont worry, we will guide/educate you along the way!

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hydro jetting spray

The jetter head sprays forward and backwards. The forward spray breaks up the blockages in the pipe that would otherwise block the jetter from continuing to move through the pipe. The backwards sprays clean the sides of the pipe while also propelling the jetter head forward at the same time. The hydro jetting water then flows through the pipe carrying everything you just cleaned away along with it.

hydro jetting services

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