Assorted tools used for regular plumbing maintenance, laid out on a wooden surface.

Having your pipes, water heaters, fixtures, and other plumbing equipment serviced at least once a year is a smart investment that pays off over time. Here’s how regular plumbing maintenance pays for itself in the long run.

Fixing Minor Problems Prevents Major Problems

Fixing seemingly minor issues with your plumbing can save you a bundle of money because those minor issues left unchecked often become big problems that require costly emergency repairs. For example, if you notice a minor leak under your sink and have it fixed right away, it will be a relatively inexpensive, simple repair. However, if you ignore that leak until it gets bigger and bigger, and then one day the pipe under your sink bursts, you will have to pay for an emergency plumber to do much more complicated repairs, and you may have water damage to fix as well. As they say: if you do not schedule your equipment’s maintenance, the maintenance will schedule you – typically on a holiday or a weekend!

Regular Maintenance Makes Plumbing Equipment Last Longer

You wouldn’t expect a car to last as long if you never took it to the mechanic as it would with regular tune-ups. The same thing is true with your plumbing. Your pipes, fixtures, water heaters, and other plumbing equipment will last longer before needing to be replaced when they are properly maintained. Regular maintenance helps to resolve minor issues, such as mineral buildup, rust, and malfunctioning components. This prevents your equipment from breaking down prematurely, and means you won’t need to replace it as often as you would without regular maintenance.

Increase Efficiency & Decrease Monthly Bills

Having your plumbing and heating systems regularly serviced keeps them running as efficiently as possible. This keeps their energy use low, which translates to savings on your monthly energy bills. While regular maintenance service may cost you money at the time, it pays for itself in the long term with the money you save on monthly bills over time.

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