Close-up of a sink drain with water from drain cleaning

Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Do you need professional drain cleaning? If you’re not sure, watch for these telltale signs.

Loud Gurgling

If your drain has been making loud gurgling sounds, there may be a blockage in your pipes which is causing trapped air to make noise. Pay attention to sounds coming from your drain or toilet, and if you notice it begins to gurgle in unusual ways that it didn’t use to, you probably have a clog that needs removing.

Multiple Recent Clogs

It’s normal to have the occasional clogged drain, but has your drain been blocked up more frequently lately? This likely means that there is debris in the system that is simply moving around and reclogging again soon after you take your plunger to it. In cases like this, you need to get a professional drain cleaner in to fully remove any debris and blockages.

Slow Drains

Is your sink or tub still draining, but just not as quickly as it used to? If plunging it doesn’t mitigate the problem, you’ve likely got some more severe blockages that require professional drain cleaning equipment. It can be tempting to ignore a slow drain since it still technically “works,” but, believe us, it’s better to address the problem now than wait for it to become a major issue that could result in severe damage and costly repairs.

Foul Odours

What smells funny? If it’s your drain, it may be time to have it professionally cleaned. You may have sewer gases coming up from your system, or there could be bits of food waste stuck to the inside of the pipes and decomposing. Pay attention to strange odours emanating from your drains, and if they do not go away quickly, it’s time for a thorough drain cleaning.

At JJ&A Mechanical, we clean drains with a hydro jetter, which sends high-pressure water through pipes in order to clean out even the most difficult clogs, grease, and debris. Get in touch today to book your drain cleaning or get a free quote!