A plumber from your chosen plumbing company, fixing a pipe.

When you need plumbing repairs done, it can be overwhelming finding the right plumbing company. Follow these simple steps to make it easier to choose a plumbing company.

Ask Around

If you are not sure how to find a good plumbing company in your area, a useful way to get started is by asking around. Ask friends and family in your area about their experiences with plumbers they have hired before. You might get some helpful recommendations or suggestions on which companies to avoid.

Check Reviews

Another reliable way to learn about others’ experiences with a given plumbing company is to check their online reviews. Once you have a few possible plumbers in mind, take a look at their reviews and see if they are mostly positive or negative, and what the comments are like. Most reputable plumbing companies publish reviews on their own website to showcase their positive customer experience. Check out JJ&A Mechanical’s testimonials to learn what our customers are saying about us!

Ask About Credentials & Experience

Once you have narrowed down your search to two or three companies, get in touch with them and ask them a few questions about their credentials, experience, and areas of expertise. Find out about hiring standards within the company and choose a company that provides employees with ongoing training and skill upgrades.

Compare Quotes

Ask for estimates from a few plumbers and see which one fits best with your budget. Any reputable plumbing company will be happy to provide you with a rough estimate for the job you want done, so if you call a company and they are hesitant to give you a quote, pay attention to that red flag. Remember that suspiciously low quotes might also mean that you won’t get the quality work you want.

Pay Attention to Customer Service

The way that you’re treated when asking for an estimate can tell you a lot about the company as a whole. Pay attention to the customer service of a plumbing company when you contact them with your questions and to get a price estimate. If you feel respected, listened to, and valued as a customer over the phone, odds are you will have a similar experience if you hire that company to do your plumbing job. However, if you find the customer service lacking, you may find other aspects of the company lacking as well.

If you are looking for plumbing services, JJ&A Mechanical is happy to provide comprehensive commercial and residential plumbing services, including 24/7 emergency services.