Technician performing a heat pump installation.

Are you wondering whether a heat pump is a good fit for your home? There are a number of reasons why more people are choosing heat pump installations, including increased efficiency, the ability to heat and cool, and the potential for money rebates.

A heat pump works by moving warm or cold air around in order to create a comfortable temperature in your home. In the winter, it moves warm air inside to heat your space, and in the summer, it moves cool air indoors to keep your home from getting too hot. There are two types of heat pump: ducted and ductless. Ductless heat pumps allow for increased temperature control of individual spaces, but ducted heat pumps provide more powerful air circulation and are more convenient for homes that already have duct systems.

Here are some of the top benefits to installing a heat pump in your home:

Gives You Both Heating & Cooling

Heat pumps are a convenient option for many because they provide both heating and cooling in your home. If you are looking for a single system that will keep your home comfortable all year long, a heat pump installation may be right for you.

Increased Efficiency

A reason for the increased popularity of heat pumps is the fact that they are highly efficient. In fact, heat pumps are up to 300% more efficient for heating than electric baseboard heaters and up to 50% more efficient for cooling than A/C units. This means that you can lower your monthly energy bills and feel better about your environmental footprint.

You Can Get a Rebate

Heat pumps can be a little costly to install (although their efficiency can save you money in the long term), but you may be eligible for provincial (Clean BC) and federal (NRCAN) rebates to help offset the cost and increase the amount of efficient energy use among Canadians. To learn more about rebates and how much money you can get back for installing a heat pump in your home, get in touch with JJ&A Mechanical today!